Steel industry

Pars Bina Company

Pars Bina Steel Industries Company is a leading, privately-owned general contractor in Iran with more from one decade of successful experience, has become a trusted leader in providing outstanding services and technical expertise. Pars Bina Steel Industries serves clients throughout a wide variety of industries, specially oil and gas fields. Pars Bina Steel Industries utilizes its extensive experience in this regard in order to perform projects with the highest safety and quality standards. Main activities of Pars Bina are designing and manufacturing of Pig Launcher & Receiver, Pressure Vessels and, Stone Trap, Storage Tanks, Towers and Columns, Reactors , Separators, Scrubbers, Filter Separators, Filter Coalescers, Filter Housings and Dry Gas Filters Pars Bina Steel Industries principal target is to execute projects on schedule, within a specific budget and with the highest quality. Pars Bina Steel Industries has full coverage ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard which has been granted under the supervision and audit of BV. Further, our products are carefully tested to meet the strict quality requirements and industry standards prior to each delivery.
In order to increase the capacity of the country's gas network, the National Iranian Gas Company has defined several projects for the rapid development of the country's main gas lines. One of the most important of these projects is the construction of 50 turbochargers and the establishment of gas booster stations to increase the transmission capacity of the third and fifth national gas lines in the form of IGAT V. and TC50 projects, which has now been completed. In this regard, in order to meet the growing needs for gas products, TC100 and POGC40 projects are also planned for further development of gas lines. The main contract for this project has been signed between the National Iranian Gas Company and Siemens, and OTC has been appointed as the person in charge of construction within this project. Pars Bina Company is proud that after a thorough audit and comprehensive review by Siemens, it has been approved as one of the Iranian manufacturers of this project and since 2003 as a contractor of OTC Company in the field of manufacturing pressure vessels made of steel. Stainless gas supply system of Gas Fuel turbines, intake air purification valves, gratings, metal structures as well as two types of aluminum and stainless steel cover shafts to cooperate in gas sites.